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Access control system with wall-mounted Module of Temperature Measurement & Face Recognition

High performance hardware platform equipped with an industrial-class binocular camera, technology for the live identification of face with mask and infrared thermal imaging module for human detection temperature.There are 3 possible uses:
1. Standalone - The device is used without additional software.
2. Local Area Mode - We will provide access control software.
3. Cloud Mode - The software described above will be installed on a cloud system.
Use the demo installation here to test the software.
user: admin pass: 123456

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Live broadcast over the Internet and Video conferencing

Performs recording and broadcasting with studio quality sound and picture from the operating room of clinical cases, which are transmitted in real time for congresses and trainings with any location.Designs and builds optical and cable video conferencing in establishments, hospitals and public buildings, such as a television studio, in which regular live broadcast training will take place.

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Shooting and broadcasting through streaming

Live streaming in particular means that an event is broadcast live on the internet. The process involves capturing the event, encoding the content digitization system, Internet media through which streams are made available to the potential end-user, and a network to distribute and deliver the content. Thus, the event can be viewed by a large number of live users. Media Prime uses Internet media - YouTube, FaceBook and more, as well as the ability to install a local streaming server to protect broadcast information.

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Full HD and 4К video

Media Prime offers competitive prices for all the services it provides, with audio and video quality supporting the highest Full HD and 4K Video formats

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Media Prime is a beneficiary of the Accelerator Startup Sofia Program

Pictures from event

  • 10th Bulgarian Bifurcation and Complex Coronary Interventions Course

    Date: 28.01.2022 г.
  • Access control system with module of temperature measurement & face recognition

    • Ден на предприемача
  • The European Day of Entrepreneur 2019

    Date: 07.11.2019 г
  • The Plovdiv Scientific Symposium

    Date: 15.06.2019 г
    • Training of cardiologists from DCC
    • Training of cardiologists from DCC
    • Training of cardiologists from DCC
    • Training of cardiologists from DCC
    • Training of cardiologists from DCC
  • Training of cardiologists from DCC

    Date: 18.09.2019 г
  • Our team

    Media Prime is a startup company. The services it offers require in-depth knowledge in the field of concurrent internet video and audio technology for each team. Broadcasting is about my experience and professionalism.




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